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                                WelCome to Dongguan City Long Textile Auxiliaries Co.

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                                HOTLINE: 0769-83126323

                                Products / product More

                                Textile printing dyeing auxiliaries defoaming agen
                                Environmental protection hard agent
                                Textile printing dyeing and finishing auxiliaries
                                Acid leveler
                                Wash the watermark I dyeing auxiliaries Universal
                                Environmental protection high concentration of non
                                Acidic fixing oil
                                Wool fixing agent
                                Dyeing Acidic fixing agent

                                HOTLINE: 0769-83126323

                                About us

                                Company Profile

                                             Dongguan City Long Textile Auxiliaries Co., located in Guangdong, China --- sweater production base in Dongguan, Dalang. The Company is committed to high-end textile printing and dyeing functional finishing auxiliaries of the development, production, wholesale, service in one integrated enterprise. The company has advanced production equipment and professional international team. The company's best-selling products include silicone oils smooth, silky smooth class, environmentally friendly soap oil ...

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